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FOOD: Your puppy is currently eating Flourish All Life stage food.  PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE FOOD RIGHT AWAY IT CAN REALLY STRESS YOUR PUPPY!  Flourish is a USA based small dog food company that only uses limited ingredients.  There's too much junk and filler in dog foods these days and too many recalls.  I highly recommend this food. It is only available online currently, and only in a large bag but the shelf life of the bag is one year so you will use it.  They are in the process of getting smaller bags!   It will take about a week to come to you.  Here is a link where you can order it and get $10 off your first bag. 

CAN FOOD: To ensure that your puppy will eat for the first 24 hours…I recommend a can food that can be found at most retailers like petco/petsmart or online at You should only need a can or two…as you don’t want to continue on this…but it’s great to get them to eat if they are stressed! It is made by Royal Canin and it’s their puppy appetite stimulating formula. I use it to wean puppies so they are used to it and love it! You can spoon a little on top of the kibble…or mix with warm water to make a gravy for the kibble. 




SUPPLEMENTS/TREATS: I highly recommend NuVet Supplements to your puppy’s daily regimen. I am often asked what you can give your puppy as a treat. My number one recommendation for the first couple of months would be NuVet Immune system supplements. We start the puppies on this as soon as they have teeth, and offer a quarter of a tablet while shaking the bottle so they know it is coming, and saying "TREAT".  They absolutely LOVE them, and they are extremely important while your puppy goes through the stressful process of going to a new home, shots, and teething. You have to have my breeder code to be able to order them. I have attached more info to this email. Here is the link you can use: OR CALL (1-800-474-7044) and your unique order code 38094


Toys, Bowls, Crates


TOYS…variety is the spice of life!!! I recommend lots of different sizes, textures, some that squeak… some that don’t. Soft and fluffy are good for shaking and tugging. Rope, nylon, hard rubber etc are good for teething. I used to sell a Nylabone puppy wishbone that was great in my shop that was a favorite with the puppies for teething.

BOWLS: ONE FOR FOOD ONE FOR WATER.  Your Iggy will eventually need a bowl that is raised on legs or sitting on something appropriate for their height.  This is so they do not have to bend down to eat saving unnecessary strain on their necks and backs.  For now...a 6" tall or shorter would be appropriate.

CRATES: if your puppy is being shipped it will come in a hard plastic travel crate suitable for it’s size now. If you wish to purchase a crate …typically a 30” will fit for most of my puppies adult life. The hard plastic ones work great for travel and for the home. Some people prefer the wire kind for inside the home because they are easier to clean. Either is fine!

Grooming Essentials



 BRUSH: Typically when I bathe my iggys I like to use an exfoliating mitt. They seem to enjoy the gentle scratch and it also eliminates old skin cells so that any oils or conditioners you use will be more effective. I like to use oils on my iggys to keep away dry skin and to keep coat shiny. This is especially important in colder climates, and in winter. Coconut oil works well but there are a lot of good products out there.  For regular brushing I would recommend a soft brush  for short coats or even just wipe them down with a washcloth and coconut oil.  

SHAMPOO: I am often asked about how often to bathe. Honestly they are very clean dogs, and don't typically need to be bathed that often. Their skin can tend to dry out.  My favorite is a particular brand of shampoo that is for humans but they have a dog line also.  If you loved the way your puppy smelled when you received him/her, this is the stuff!!  You can order it here:   There are some decent, good quality dog shampoos, just make sure that you use one that is nice and moisturizing on a healthy iggy coat. 

TEETH:   I keep a plaque breakdown supplement in their water and it helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh.  There are several brands and I don't have a preference really.  You can also begin early with brushing your iggys teeth...and done regularly will make a HUGE difference in the long run ...even if regularly only means once a week.  Feeding dental bones also helps. These simple things will help regular vet dental cleanings to a minimum.  It's important to take care of their teeth.  We introduce all of our puppies to dental care by rubbing on their gums even before they have teeth!

Other things we like!


Below are links to some other products we have found useful with our iggys!  

FOR ANXIETY:  I use straight CBD oil 4 drops under the tongue.  Just human CBD.  and if that doesn't help I will give an extra dose.  You really can't overdose them with it!  It's great if your baby is scared of storms, riding in the car, or has separation anxiety.  If you are not comfortable just giving CBD, there are plenty of CBD treats for dogs out there that I am sure work fine! I also recommend the Thundershirt and the Shed Defender shirt for short term anxiety solutions.  You can also just try a regular doggy T Shirt often that works and it's an inexpensive and long term option.