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Rebecca Huff (StellaLuna Italian Greyhounds) guarantees that this puppy is a registered purebred Italian Greyhound.  Registration paperwork will be provided to the buyer of the puppy once proof of spay and neuter is faxed or emailed to StellaLuna.  This puppy has been health checked by our veterinarian prior to purchase, and to the best of our knowledge, is healthy at the time of purchase.

To keep this guarantee in force, a licensed veterinarian must examine the puppy within 72 business hours of purchase date. If your vet finds the puppy in bad health, the buyer must notify seller immediately. The puppy must be returned within 3 days (or as otherwise agreed upon) with statement from the examining vet explaining the puppy’s condition. If the seller’s vet agrees with the examining vet’s statement, then the seller will replace the puppy with one of same sex, breed, color, and quality. Seller has one year to find a suitable replacement puppy. This is a replacement guarantee only. No cash refunds.  Common canine parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms, mites, or coccidiosis, etc. are not reasons for a replacement puppy. 

Rebecca Huff/StellaLuna also guarantees the puppy for one year from date of birth against any hereditary or congenital defect that could interfere with the pet’s ability to live a normal life. In the event of such an occurrence, and if our veterinarian is in agreement with the diagnosing veterinarian, we will replace your puppy provided we are supplied with a written veterinary report within 7 days of diagnosis. 

No guarantee is given on size, quality, color, breeding ability, or disposition. Although most of our dogs come from champion bloodlines, we do not guarantee that this puppy is “Show Quality”. The puppy is priced as a “Pet Quality” puppy only. Return of puppy is at buyer’s expense. In the unlikely event that the puppy dies within 10 days of purchase date, the seller will replace that puppy, provided the buyer has a death report and autopsy from a licensed veterinarian, and that our vet is in agreement of cause of death.  Cause of death must accompany said report and we must be notified the day of the puppy’s death. Rebecca Huff/StellaLuna is in no way responsible for vet bills incurred during this process and will be given one year to find a suitable replacement puppy. 

Buyer certifies that Rebecca Huff must be notified immediately if the puppy does not eat within 12 hours of leaving our care.

If the new owner fails to have the puppy examined by their licensed veterinarian within 72 business hours of receiving the puppy, this guarantee will be rendered null and void.

 Click below to  download and print a hard copy of my puppy guarantee.  You will sign the guarantee electronically through an email that I will send you from DocuSign.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


StellaLuna Puppy Guarantee (pdf)